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    Baneful Flora & Correspondences


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    Baneful Flora & Correspondences

    Post by Nex on Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:56 pm

    Just some info I've gathered about poisonous flora, as well as any workings that are said to be associated with gray witchcraft, death, the underworld, etc.


    • Yew: Yew is said to symbolise death and rebirth in Celtic tradition.
    • Elm: Elm has traditionally been regarded as unfriendly to humanity, and is therefore said to not be grown too near to homes or buildings. A tree of shadows, the elm was sometimes planted in areas as a warning for people to not get too close. The elm is said to also be used to mark areas of land that had been tainted or cursed.
    • Cedar: In ancient times, cedar oil was used to preserve the heads of enemies taken back to the king as trophies. In this sense, cedar is associated with death however it is also known as the 'Tree of Life' in Celtic traditions.


    • To reflect specifically-sent harmful intentions back to the sender: Agrimony, ginger, lady's slipper, mullein, nettle, rue, tamarisk, thistle, unicorn root.
    • To return negative energy to the sender and seal it there: Blackthorn, elder, rue, vetiver, willow.
    • Call negative energy for a specific purpose: Cypress, dragon's blood (resin), wormwood, rowan wood, yarrow (arrowroot).

    Poisonous Plants

    • Belladonna (deadly poison, DO NOT CONSUME!)
    • Calamus
    • Elder (DO NOT CONSUME)
    • Hemlock (deadly poison, DO NOT CONSUME
    • Lily of the Valley
    • Mandrake
    • Mistletoe
    • Monkshood (deadly poison, DO NOT CONSUME
    • Mugwort (poisonous - use only in a well ventilated area)
    • Perwinkle
    • Skullcap (poisonous - can cause miscarriages)
    • St John's Wort (poisonous - use with caution)
    • Straw Flower
    • Uva Ursi
    • Wormwood (DO NOT CONSUME)

    Information sourced from:, The Crystal Chalice (facebook page), Moontoadie (username from unknown website), unknown/uncredited source,

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