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    Misc Grey Info


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    Misc Grey Info

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    • The sun is associated with success, potency, tyranny, and ambition.
    • Mars is associated with victory, submission of enemies, and conflict.
    • The moon's influence can be used for protection from enemies, cursing a location, and interfering with business or work.
    • Venus is associated with peace and fertility, but also has associations with jealousy and promiscuity.

    Some Hoodoo Info

    • If you want something to work by means of spirits, bury it in a graveyard.
    • If you want to hide something's point of origin, conceal it in a tree.
    • If you want something to work in stealth, hide it in clothing or an object.
    • Do not ever bury or throw out remains of negative spells in your own yard!

    • Shadow Water: To create Shadow Water, place water in a container that is not clear (e.g. metal water bottle) ad put it i a dark area, or bury it. Leave it there for about a week (or a number that is significant to you and your path). Can be used for spellwork such as strengthening of lies, encouraging believability, protection via hiding a location, and general shrouding. These sorts of spells are often conducted in the dark.
    • Gutter Water: Gutter Water is collected from the street, such as from a storm water drain, downpipe, or an actual gutter. You might want to wear gloves. The dirtier the water the better. Can be used for curses, and also in "before and after" spells in which the gutter water represents the current state and clean water represents the intended future state.

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